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DipeshKhakhkhar 11-18-2004 10:08 AM

Nautilus warning messages !!

I am new to linux and its UI.

After i work on some directories in UI and log off, i get lotta warning messages like:


--Hash table keys for warning below:
->file:.///var/.Trash-root and so on

(nautilus:3254) : Eel WARNING **: "nautilus-directory.c:directories" hash table still has 12 elements at quit time (keys above)

(nautilus:3254): Bonobo-WARNING **: Leaked a total of 21 refs to 17 bonobo object(s)


I am not understanding the cause of these errors and not able to think of possible solution.

Can somebody please help me to solve this. Thanks in the anticipation that I will get some hints to solve it.


DipeshKhakhkhar 11-18-2004 11:14 AM


To add few more things to my question.
I am using Nautilus 2.2.1 and GNOME version is 2.0


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