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MaGicMaX 12-26-2009 05:24 PM

Nautilus Audio Preview (PulseAudio)?
Ok i really like the audio preview feature of nautilus when you hold your mouse over an audio file. I noticed the sound quality is noticeably better in nautilus than in Audacious 2. In Audacious im using PulseAudio, and as far as i know Nautilus uses PulseAudio too, im not sure why the sound is so much better in Nautilus, most notably the volume (which is turned up all the way in Audacious too). Messing with the equalizer in Audacious seems to improve things, but its still no where near as good as Nautilus.

Does anyone know why? Is there a way i can get the same quality in Audacious, or is there a player that produces the same sound nautilus does?

tommyttt 01-06-2010 12:33 AM

Please provide more information; i.e. distro, desktop, kernel version, etc. Would I be right in assuming Audacious is a gnome program? I would recommend that you try going to your distros' forums for more information.

Also, a google search for "Audacious sound quality" turned up some leads to follow.

Tom (retired penguin) :)

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