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lazylark 04-09-2007 10:49 PM

Nagios--- NRPE
i am working on nagios and using Nrpe for my remote host now i am trying check_swap plugin

I am getting connection refused error in nagios web browser.

error:Connection refused by host and it is in critical state.


MensaWater 04-11-2007 01:57 PM

The most obvious thing to check would be to verify NRPE is actually running.

ps -ef |grep nrpe

If it is then run "lsof -p <pid of nrpe>" to see what port it is LISTENing on. The default port is 5666. (You could run lsof -i: 5666 to verify it is running if you didn't change port.)

If it is up and running then issue is likely firewall of some sort.
Check to see if iptables and/or SELinux is running on the Nagios host or the NRPE host.

If SELinux is running I'd suggest you disable it as it hard to configure so that is what most people do.

For iptables you can temporarily turn off iptables. If it works with iptables off then you know iptables is the problem.

Of course it may be a physical firewall/router between your Nagios host and your NRPE host. If so you need to look at opening it up for the port you're using.

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