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DeltaXFX 07-13-2008 05:18 AM

MythTV, MythVideo on backend server
I have a MythTV backend server setup and have two computers that connect to it that are frontends only. My main reason for using MythTV is so that I can watch all the movies that are on my server.

So I installed MythVideo and imported the videos on one of the computers. Well I should say when I configured the MythVideo plugin I pointed it at the directory on the server. And I can watch the videos fine.

My question is, is there anyway I can set up MythVideo on the backend server so that I won't have to configure anything on the frontends? I plan on adding more frontends and it just seems like it will be a chore. Each one will have to be set up individually, each one will have to pull IMDB data, each one will have to store movie posters. Is there a better way?


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