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mad4linux 10-04-2005 01:39 PM

mysql reinstallation distorted by previous tables in /var/mysql
I got a hard disk black out during summer and had to replace my secondary hard disk. Therefore, i just was able to save my data in /home /var and /srv using a livesystem running from cd.

After reinstallation of a linux system (suse 9.3) and mysql, i have the following problem:
I just have my old mysql-tables as files in /var/lib/mysql. No backup (dump) or anything done. If i try to copy the old file to the new /var/lib/mysql, mysqld doesn't even start. So i guess, that i have to start from a clear /var/lib/mysql directory?

But how can i get my tables up afterwards since mysql_dump does not work for my old tables?

Can i just copy the tables to var/lib/mysql, leaving /var/lib/mysql/mysql/ empty and import the table data somehow from my table dirs in /var/lib/mysql?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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