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narutovsvegito 07-24-2006 03:04 PM

mysql-administrator error could not retrive user information
i installed mysql, logged as root i ran the mysql_install_db, followed the instruction on changing the password for root and the host.

when i log in as non-root i type mysql and i dont get challanged. if im logged in as root, and i type mysql i get an error, so i have to log in with mysql -u root -p<enter> then i get challanged for my password.

it doesnt matter if im root or non-root when i run mysql-administrator, and i try to access "user administration" i get an error, could nor retrive user information. logged in as root mysq is protected and logged in as non-root mysql is open.

if i try to enter a password for mysql while non-root i get an error, access denied '' @ localhost (password : NO).

i can login to mysql-administrator using sa /w no pw, mysql with no pw and non-rootuser@localhost with no pw, all while pointing to or, either way i get the same results

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