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sirpelidor 11-22-2003 03:27 PM

my mplayer can watch online steram, but can't listen to "most" of the radio site
hi there, i got my mplayer installed with streaming and gui enable. installed (plugger) also.

got my mozilla browser to play video stream online, which is cool. but i can't get it to listen radio on the internet.

certain website has a few mins radio broadcast, which is perfectly ok. i can get my mplayer to play it.

certain website shows the link to the radio, i can copy that and have mplayer play it also.

but when the website is hiding the URL, you'll have to depends on your browser to open a new window in order to play it right? well here's the message i'm getting:
mplayer plugin:
playing: mms:(address goes into here) ......

few sec later

cache 0% (0.00) cache 0% (0.00) cache 0% (0.00) cache 0% (0.00)

and thats it. it doesn't do anything....

when on a webpage which allow me to use mplayer to play stream, this is the msg i should be seeing:
mplayer plugin:
playing: http://(address goes into here)....

few sec later

cache 0% (0.00) <--(the number will keep goes up until hit 100%)

then stream shows on my browser.


any suggestion can help me get my mplayer to listen radio? i'm able to listen using window media player in those sites, i certainly hope can do it with mplayer. thanks in advance


p.s: i have installed, and got my mplayer to use libraries, hope that helps.

Redbone981sl 11-22-2003 06:55 PM

I have the same problem accept my mplayer plays the audio streams like espn radio. The only problem is that the sound doesn't start until 10 minutes after the player says it playing media. It plays it all, its just like its cacheing 10 minutes worth. for instance if I start espn radio at 11:00 oclock the sound wont start until 11:10. but the show starts at the top, its just 10 minutes behind. So start your radio stream and wait, maybe you're having the same problem I'm having. This wont help but maybe it will get you closer to the problem.

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