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exodist 12-05-2008 08:43 PM

Mutt: Mail disappears when saved (gmail)
New to mutt, been using it an hour now.

Used a page to configure mutt to access gmail


11 set imap_user = '****'
12 set imap_pass = '****'
13 set spoolfile = 'imaps://'
14 set folder = 'imaps://'
15 set record = 'imaps://[Gmail]/Sent Mail'
16 set postponed = 'imaps://[Gmail]/Drafts'
17 set header_cache = '~/.mutt/cache/headers'
18 set message_cachedir = '~/.mutt/cache/bodies'
19 set certificate_file = '~/.mutt/certificates'
21 set editor="vim"

Started to get the hang of it, at least I could view my mail.

However it asked me if I wanted to save my messages (cannot reproduce to get exact message since I now have no mail, and I cannot find them)

now, apparently it saved all my mail, but I cannot find it, I hit 'c' to change mailboxes, it shows inbox, and gmail, I go to gmail and it has all ym folders. However I cannot find the saved messages.

As well I tried manually saving 2 messages and it asked what mailbox
I typed in my own names for them
it asked if I wanted to create it (each time)
I said yes

I hit c
the new mailbox I specified is nowhere to be found.

Where is my problem?

arizonagroovejet 12-07-2008 05:37 AM

IIRC, I've not used mutt for years and wouldn't do so by choice, Mutt sometimes defaults to moving messages you've read to a file called mbox. Look and see if you've got a file in your home directory called mbox. If so that might contain your missing mail.

exodist 12-07-2008 03:31 PM

That was the problem. I changed my config so tyhat it does not move them anymore.

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