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davidchall 05-28-2012 02:13 AM

mutt does not honour mutt.rc 'use_from' entry when accepting piped input
When running run from a shell, and redirecting output to it:
Quote:> cat body.txt |mutt -F test.muttrc -s 'Mutt Pipe Test'

mutt -F test.muttrc -s 'Mutt Pipe Test' < body.txt

The email comes from, even though test.muttrc has 'set from=""' as a parameter.

If I process the mail manually, inserting the text file rather than piping it in:
Quote:> mutt -F test.muttrc -s 'Mutt Editor Test' -i body.txt
The mutt application runs, parsing the parameters correctly, and displaying the header correctly:

From: Gavin <>
Subject: Mutt Pipe Test
Fcc: ~/sent
Security: Clear
The mail is then received from as expected.

Basically, Mutt appears to be functioning differently using redirected input, than if used as a mail client.

This is not the case on other servers I have worked on, but I am unable to correct this on this particular environment.

Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1
mutt v1.5.17

Rather than post the contents of every config I have played with and failed to change, if you have any ideas, please let me know what sections of what configs you'd like to see?

I'd appreciate any efforts to help me hold onto the bits of hair I haven't yet pulled out working through this issue!

(As background, the need for this to work is we have database users emailing from a program, and use temporary mutt.rc files to send mail from these users. They do not have shell logins)

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