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TobiSGD 10-08-2012 10:52 AM

Mutt does not change the "unread" flag on the IMAP server and other Mutt questions
I am currently evaluating if Mutt fits my needs and so far it is working fine, but there are some minor annoyances.

At first let me describe my setup:
I am running a separate machine which fetches the mails from my different mail accounts using fetchmail, those mails are sorted into different folders and offered via IMAP using dovecot and dovecot-sieve. I do this because I want to keep my mail in sync on different machines. This part is working fine.
I then connect with my mail-clients to the server and read my mail.

This all works fine with different mail-clients, i can read, delete and move the mail.

Now my main issue with Mutt:
But for some reason unknown to me Mutt is not flagging read mail as read, it still appears as new mail when connecting from a different machine. this is not happening with other mail clients, like Thunderbird or Claws-Mail.
I have read through the documentation and ton of muttrc-files posted all over the net, but couldn't find an option to change that behavior. Manually setting it to new or read with Shift+n also does not change the flag on the server.

I would be thankful for any hint that helps me to solve that issue.

Some minor issues with Mutt
As I stated before, my mail is sorted into different folders on the server. Mutt has an overview about the folders I specified as mailbox, which I can access by pressing c? and Tab. it shows an overview of my folders and the number of new mails, but for some reason that number is never updated, so I don't see if new mail arrives while at that view. Is there an option to change that?
If not, does anyone now of an mail notification daemon that supports IMAP and embeds itself into the systray area of my panel? My searches on the net only found really old applications that are discontinued and won't compile on modern systems (I am using Slackware 14) or applications that are specifically for Gmail.

My .muttrc

set spoolfile="imaps://tobi:MYPASSWORD@server/"
set folder="imaps://tobi@server/"
mailboxes = =INBOX =LQ =SlackDocs =Slackbuilds =i3
set record="=Sent"
set postponed="=Drafts"
set smtp_url="SMTP_SERVER"
set smtp_pass="MYPASSWORD"
set realname="Tobias Eichmann"

set mail_check=60
set timeout=20
set sort=threads
set sort_aux=date
set followup_to=yes
unset mark_old

alias mods@

color header yellow black .*
color signature yellow black
color status white blue
color indicator green black
color body green black .*

subscribe mods@ slackdocs@ slackbuilds-users@ i3-discuss@

macro index ">" "c?"
macro pager ">" "c?"
macro index <F1> "<change-folder>=INBOX<enter>"
macro index <F2> "<change-folder>=LQ<enter>"
macro index <F3> "<change-folder>=Slackbuilds<enter>"
macro index <F4> "<change-folder>=SlackDocs<enter>"
macro index <F5> "<change-folder>=i3<enter>"

TobiSGD 10-09-2012 09:44 AM

I don't know what the problem was, but I have rewritten the .muttrc from scratch, following this guide (which I can oly recommend for the Mutt beginner) and now it is working without showing the aforementioned symptoms, although I still haven't found a configuration option for that.

The only thing that I still need is a notification program for the systray, but I will research that further and open a new thread for that if necessary.

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