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Panci 02-02-2009 05:41 AM

Mutt and Gmail

I'm starting to yous mutt + msmtp to send email with my gmail instead of Thunderdbird but i have a few question about encription:

I follow this tutorial for the configuration Using Mutt with Gmail and the resulting file was something like this:


account default             
port 587                   
tls on                     
tls_starttls on             
tls_trust_file /home/john/mail/certs/Thawte_Premium_Server_CA.pem
auth on                   
user john.example       
password rover         
logfile ~/.msmtp.log

The problem is that I get some problem with the cetificate file (not valid) and i had to change it in
and made a new conf file with


tsl check_cert off
My question is , am I still using the encryption in sending mail??? Where I can get a valid certificate ?? The mail is send encrypted just from my pc to the gmail server or till the destination server???


indienick 02-03-2009 01:49 PM

Although it might not answer your question, that tutorial you found is "more complicated" than it has to be.

Here is the tutorial I use whenever I have to configure Mutt (on a new computer, or when my computer gets hosed for whatever reason):

jgombos 02-03-2009 03:56 PM

avoid gmail
It's hell to configure a mail server to work with gmail. On one machine, I had to give up because I hit a wall, and couldn't proceed unless I upgraded to a bleeding edge version of the mail server that implemented ssl/tls in the particular way that gmail requires, which would have meant overhauling a large partion of the OS installation.

Even when the mail server is current, most of the web pages out there give incomplete or outdated guidance, and you end up having to piece together the steps from multiple sources.

If you do manage to get it working, you'll find that gmail is a lousy server to send mail through anyway because of all the restrictions. See:

Gmail also does DNS blacklisting, so you can't rely on them for anything important coming inbound.

andrew.46 02-12-2009 07:35 PM

Hi indienick,


Originally Posted by indienick (Post 3430670)
Although it might not answer your question, that tutorial you found is "more complicated" than it has to be.

I try to make it a little easier by actually giving the ssl certs on the page as well as showing how to create your own. I guess newer guides are all going with IMAP which is easier but I have always cordially disliked IMAP. Might be a good idea perhaps to make it a little clearer on that page that I don't deal with IMAP...


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