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David the H. 12-31-2005 12:19 PM

multiplexing multiple audio streams
Can somebody tell me, or direct me to a page that will tell me, how to multiplex multiple audio streams into an mpeg file? I want to include 2 or more audio tracks on DVD's I'm authoring, and I'm still not sure how to go about it. I tried mplex, but when I tried to merge in the second audio stream it failed with an error. The man page doesn't help much either.

Thanks in advance for any help.

David the H. 12-31-2005 02:18 PM

Ahh, never mind. I think I've got it. You can simply specify multiple input streams with mplex and they'll all go in at once.

mplex -f 8 -o output.mpg inputvideo.mpg inputaudio1.mp2 inputaudio2.mp2

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