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ANU 03-14-2004 07:27 PM

multiple pop3 accounts with fetchmail and pine
im a Kmail user that wants to use pine
can i do all that i do with kmail also with pine? (diferent accounts)
i have setup .fetchmailrc to download my email from the mailserver.
but i have more then just one email adrese and more then just one emailserver
wy? because there is my personal email, my "work" email and my postmaster email
from my personal and work address i have to be able to receive email sand to send email
at this point i can only download/read/write emails from my personal email address
how can i set pine to send email from: not
i want to be able to download mails from 2 different account to send this email to 2 diferent files/directoris from where pine reads the emails [inbox and my_work_folder]
is this posible with pine and fetchmail? how?

ANU 03-15-2004 07:16 PM

if with fetchmail and pine its not posible to use multiple pop3 accounts ... is there some other text mode "mailreader" that knows to handle more than just one POP3 account?

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