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mk1_1 01-15-2002 02:03 PM

Multiple os installation involving Linux 7.0
I am totally new to linux, infact to computers also. I have just purchased a computer and a book (which comes with a free Red Hat linux 7.0 publisher's edition in 3 CD's). On my computer, there are already 3 different operating systems :- Windows 98, Windows-NT (SP4), Windows 2000 Ad. Server . Windows 98 has been installed in in c: drive. Windows-NT and Windows-2000 have been installed in their respective NTFS partitions. The book says that linux can be installed in three different ways : Wokstation, Server and Custom class . It also says that if the user installs Server, all the other operating systems and partitions will be lost. I want to install Linux Server, but i want to access my other operating systems also. Somebody, please help me.. If anybody knows the solution for this problem please send me the answer in a simple step-by-step method. Also i request you to send the solution at my e-mail as i don't know how to use this site. It has taken me 6 days to post my query. My e-mail address

trickykid 01-15-2002 03:04 PM

well, first off, if you select that server install, it will wipe out your other partitions.. the way around this would be to do a custom install and select the packages you would want and also setup your own partitions. if your new to computers and linux especially, you might want to read up on linux before installing it.

second, this site is pretty easy to use, any questions feel free to ask, don't know for sure why it would take you 6 days to post though..

i didn't send an email due to the fact that this site is here to help everyone with questions/answers and even yours can help others out in different ways.

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