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bornplaydie 01-20-2016 06:34 PM

Multiple issues with Thunderbird 38
I am using Thunderbird 38.5.1 on Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon

I have been using Thunderbird on Windows for years with multiple accounts and multiple out going identities, so I am familiar with the settings.

Issue 1) I do not get sound or message alerts when new mail arrives. I assume message alerts should be presented as a notification but this is unclear.

Issue 2) I have a hotmail account. Settings are account name "joe (extra)", name "Joe", and email address "". The name under the outgoing server is "Joe" and the name under the default identity used is "Joe". However, when I send an email from that account to my email account, on Thunderbird is shows as from "Joe", on my phone and my wife's phone it shows as "Cupof Joe". I do not have a stored contact on my phone for this email. So I am baffled as to where the "cupof" is coming from. The email is sent out by Thunderbird as "Joe <>".

Issue 3) I set up a new SMTP identity using a temp email from Albine/Blur. Something like, I set the name as "Anonymous". Then I set the outgoing SMTP for my Joe account to the the Anonymous STMP and set the from and reply-to email to When I send an email and select the "anonymous" as the from account, the email arrives and the is the from field.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but because I had the same setup in windows for years (I resetup after linux install) it seems like something is not right with the linux Thunderbird.

Any help on any of these issues is appreciated.

ondoho 01-21-2016 03:42 PM

have you set up an outgoing server for each account accordingly?

it's under "Outgoing servers" in "Account settings".

bornplaydie 01-21-2016 07:42 PM


Originally Posted by ondoho (Post 5484657)
have you set up an outgoing server for each account accordingly?

it's under "Outgoing servers" in "Account settings".

I have an outgoing servers for the icloud and hotmail accounts. So I basically have two separate accounts. The hotmail one is the one I am trying to setup another identity for. I set up a third outgoing server named "Anonymous" with the same settings as the hotmail account (server name, port, username. There are no emails in the outgoing server settings). I only have two physical server accounts. Albine/Blur is just a forwarding service that provides an email.

So when people send an email to that address, it gets forwarded to my hotmail address by albine/Blur. What I am doing is setting up another identity to send an email to someone that reports my address as, to hide my real address, so when they reply, it gets forwarded to me from albine/blur.

Under the hotmail account "manage identities" I have my normal cupofjoe identity using the hotmail outgoing server and an "Anonymous" identity using the "Anonymous" outgoing server which is using the hotmail SMTP settings (server name, port, username). But the from and reply-to emails are set to the Albine/Blur email address (

Thanks for looking at this for me. Much appreciated!

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