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ehcah 07-15-2010 01:39 PM

Multi-Platform Backup / File Sharing

First post of a few I'll need to make. I hope this is posted in the appropriate group...

I have installed Ubuntu Server 10.04 on a newish computer. 1 internal HD for OS, 2 internal HD for Backup purposes. I am not sure what to format the "BackUp" drives as, use partitioning, use Raid etc.?). I am also attaching a Sans-Digital TR8M-B, 8 bay eSata Enclosure with 4 2TB HD's (again, not sure what format or raid to use). My initial thoughts for their respective usages are to backup desktops/server(s) to the "Back Up" disk and use the external Enclosure for various file sharing/streaming requirements.

One of the last pieces that I'm trying to put together in my install and make sense of is the right backup and file sharing solution. I have 3 kids with laptops, my wife has a laptop and there 3-5 other desktop/devices that will require backing up. All OS's are either Win7 or Ubuntu Desktop/Server in various forms.

In a perfect world, I'd love to have an application or launcher installed on the Win7 machines for my kids and wife that will give them point in time/automatic/scheduled back up's and easy access to the shares. I've read about these types of solutions, but have gone cross eyed trying to find the right combination of tools for my environment. As an Fyi... I am the only one currently using Linux and can probably cover off all my needs manually if need be.

This is my first entry into the personal server environment. It probably goes without saying that the majority of our data usage will be for various types of digital media storage. I'm really trying to make this as simple, automated, painless and stable as possible.

Thank you in advance.


mojo72 07-15-2010 02:03 PM


First, if you want to share files hosted on GNU/Linux machine with Win**** clients, I don't think you have the choice;
the only solution I know is Samba (
It is easy to setup for simple shares.

Then, I would suggest BackupPC ( as backup solution (because I use it at work and I am rather satisfied) to back up Windows hosts. It provides a web interface to manage backups and restores.
There are a lot of backup solution (Bacula, Amanda, etc.) but I don't know if they are multiplatform.


trickykid 07-15-2010 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by mojo72 (Post 4034323)
There are a lot of backup solution (Bacula, Amanda, etc.) but I don't know if they are multiplatform.


Both Bacula and Amanda are cross platform. I'd actually say pick BackupPC over these, it's a more simpler approach for backing up just desktops.

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