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Boffy 04-16-2004 01:51 PM

Msn messenger file transfer for linux without amsn
I have tried amsn and all i get is the messages appearing wrongly. e.g.
"Hi, Hows U" comes out as

but i want to be able to transfer files which gaim does not allow. Does anyone knoe
a) when gaim will support this
b) what alternatives are out there

vectordrake 04-16-2004 06:15 PM

a)ask the developers - doubt if they even know
b)kopete,ayttm,kmerlin,sure there's more
c)why not just figure out why your amsn isn;t working. check the faqs and see if you are having a problem with a lib not installed. (that stuff looks like your message has been encrypted with TLS, like is required, but not read on your machine decripted.) You should check this with the developer as a bug.

I have found that aMSN has been the most reliable and useful of the msn clones, and they seem to crack whatever microsoft throws at them a bit faster than others - gaim was useless for about 3 weeks after sept 15 last year. Not good. It also supports the buddy pictures that msn uses. See what's wrong with your install.

el_pajaro! 05-06-2004 10:51 PM

I connect to msn with gaim or kopete. Try with the latest version of any of this two programs

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