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mstrimel 10-01-2004 12:38 PM

mplayer won't play radio paradise .mp3 stream
When I run "mplayer -playlist
[link to radio paradise mp3 stream]"

it fails with:

Playing ht[hashed]tp://
Connecting to server[]:80 ...
Error: ICY-Server couldn"t find requested stream, skipping!
Unable to open URL: ht[hashed]tp://

However, the straem works just fine from a web browser, which causes it to open in XMMS. [check it out, it's a great station ...]

sorry to use the placeholders and hashes above instead of actual link, LinuxQuestions rejects my post otherwise as "spam".

Anyway, I need to get mplayer to work, so I can listen to it thru Freevo. What is wrong?

I have mplayer pre1.0, running on Mandrake 9.2 for AMD 64.


Mary :)

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