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azebuski 02-15-2004 10:58 PM

mplayer playing RA and WMA files from the Web
I've been using mplayer for awhile now to play real audio and windows audio files and it works fine as long as the file extension is .wma or .ra
Sometimes I like going to or other music sites to check out sound clips of songs. Problem is, when you click the links for sound clips, these sites link to external web sites like or they run hurl.exe (whatever that is) and the external site runs some sort of script to play the file and mplayer cannot recognize what is going on.
Is there any way to play these song clips from Edit MIME types somehow?

Running Fedora Core 1 and Firefox.

ixogn 02-16-2004 01:55 AM

hi, azebuski,

i am using FC1 and Firefox too,

and i do it like this:

first, install mplayer and all its codecs,

second, install xine and gxine, which will automatically install gxineplugin for
mozilla (firebird and firefox as well). actually the plug-in ( is
install at $home/.mozilla/plugins/,

third, install mplayerplugin for mozilla.

then i can play the realaudio with gxine, wma and other format with mplayer.

if it does not work, i will find the links. from firefox toolbar Tools-->Page Info, i
can find tab links and media. in most cases, the media link in media tab view,
if not i will try to find it in link tab view, then i will play it with mplayer or xine. through this i can enjoy many online music and movie (clips), not all though.

i am a newbie too, i should say, that is my way to do that, i with it may help you too.

Best Regards.

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