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truptrup 10-09-2007 01:49 PM

Mplayer OSD Question
There are 2 questions i have. This is a mythtv setup if that helps.

I had been using xine to play my videos until i upgraded my mythbox where i can play HD content. Xine couldnt decode wma and wmv was very choppy. So i switched to mplayer which played the content fine.

1. Is there a way to have mplayer display the info xine displays on osd (filename, resolution, video/audio codec used, audio channels, etc) It is one thing i really miss from xine. It seems mplayer osd is limited to time and i saw how you could show the filename in osd.

2. Is there a way from mythtv to tell mplayer to play an entire directory as a playlist instead of single files. This would help when i watch seasons of tv shows etc.

Any help would be great. I had been searching mplayer manual with no luck.

maroonbaboon 10-11-2007 02:23 AM

First off, I'm not at all familiar with MythTV, so I don't know how easy it is to integrate any extra functions into it.

As far as mplayer goes, you can put pretty much anything you want on the mplayer screen by using a video filter. Here's an example of what you are asking for. But it seems to need a patch to the mplayer source code, so it's not something you could easily add to your existing system.

Mplayer does have an OSD menu system driven by configuration files. It might be possible to hack it into providing the information you want, but again it's probably hard to integrate into MythTV.

I get the feeling that MythTV itself should be taking care of this, instead of users trying to interact directly with mplayer.

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