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intens 02-29-2004 05:40 AM

MPlayer: Fullscreen playback in console?

I'm trying to get fullscreen movie playback without X11 to work.
I tried mplayer with the vo_cvidix option and also tried
various combinations of -fs, -zoom, -monitorgeomtry and screenh
and screenw.
But I can't get the movie displayed fitting on the fullscreen with
the correct movie aspect ratio. Another annoying thing is, that
the console isn't blanked when movie playback starts, ie the movie
picture is just put on top of the console output - so the movie picture is
surrounded by the console output which looks really ugly...

I'm using Slackware Linux current, Kernel 2.6.1, framebuffer-console
and latest mplayer.
The videochip is a ATI mach64.

It would be great if someone could help me and tell me how I could
get nice fullscreen movie output in the cosole using vo_cvidix.

Thanks in advance,

acid_kewpie 02-29-2004 06:08 AM

in the framebuffer, it's easiest to use the vesa output i've found. you ned root access or appropriately set up FB access, but it works a lot nicer than other non-X outputs

intens 03-01-2004 07:08 AM

you are right, vesa works nice, when screenh and screenw are set correctly.
But I also found out, that fbxine from the xine-package works very well, too :)

Thanks for your help,

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