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penguinlnx 03-18-2005 06:50 AM

MPLAYER emerge warnings (?)
I am getting alot of warnings emerging MPLAYER.

Seems odd:

...using auxillary files....(?) is this bad?

...const qualifier ignored on asm (?) This sounds bad: Is ASM missing key definitions?

also, it emerged KDE-BASE...should I be switching from GNOME to use the MPLAYER?

so far, all the warnings have come from media-sound/xmms-1.2.10-r13 ...
is this just a badly written library?

__J 03-18-2005 07:11 AM

you can use mplayer anywhere, kde, gnome, flux, runlevel 3, ...

don't be so paranoid about the warnings. Remember, you are using a distro that compiles everything so you are going to see some warnings. running gentoo, if you are using a recent portage tree, you probably have gcc-3.4 or close on your system, which will spit out more warnings than an earlier version.

Adony 03-18-2005 09:15 AM

You can play with the USE flags to avoid KDE-Base being emerged (if you don't use KDE ;)

As long as it compiles forgive the warnings :)

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