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GT_Onizuka 09-04-2003 05:57 PM

MPlayer commands sometimes stop working
Okay as mentioned in my titles when I run mplayer (this is through commandline w/o gui) sometimes the commands to control the video playback don't work. It was complaining about not finding the input.conf in my (/home.../.mplayer/input.conf) but it located it in some other folder (i forget which) i figured this might be the problem so i copied the input.conf from the 2nd folder and moved it to my home directory one. everything loads fine and it locates the input.conf file all fine and dandy but this problem still happens on occassion. For example, ill be watching a movie and all of a sudden the keys just dont work. ive checked and it isn't a problem with specific files, it seems entirely random and its getting real annoying when i cant fastfwd/rewind or end the movie before its done (credits are lame :P) so has anyone had a similar problem?

exodist 09-04-2003 06:25 PM

I did once, try installing a newer version, I can't remember when exactly it did it, but I reformated several times sence then and it works fine now

fyi: I reformat a lot because I do highly experimental things that can irreversibly screw systems, word to the wise, don't be me, I just fried a m-board :-P

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