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clausawits 01-04-2004 12:34 AM

Mplayer chops off the last bits of short sounds
Hello, I've got swatch set up to fire off sounds via mplayer based on certain events. I chose mplayer because the sounds are in several different formats, and mplayer handles them all.

The problem I'm running into, though, is that mplayer really tends to chop off the last bits of the file... for instance, if Ahnold would normally say "I'll be back.." mplayer gives you "I'll be-" or sometimes even just "I-". (other players -kaboodle, xmms, noatun- all seem to have no problems with anything..)

I checked the mplayer faq and didn't find anything, and googled, but no luck.. anybody know how to fix this?

If not, are there some other suggestions for a command line audio player that handles mp3, wav, and ogg? Preferably one that plays all of a short clip?

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