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StephenCM 01-14-2005 01:52 PM

MPlayer, Audigy 2 and Surround Sound

I successfully downloaded and installed MPlayer from the recommendations on this forum. I managed to run my TopGun DVD from the command line, successfully.

I added the -channels 6 argument, hoping that the 5.1 channel sound would be used. MPlayer's command line feedback did say that it would use 44kHz, 16bit, 6-channel sound, but I think it only came out as stereo sound. I have a SB Audigy 2 ZS card installed, with Creative 7.1 speakers. In windows, I could use the THX setup pannel to test the surround setup, how do I do it in Linux? I am using ALSA, and I have not tweaked the sound setup at all.

I could not get the MPlayer GUI to work. Everytime I ran gmplayer, it told me that I did not have permission to /dev/rtc and that it could not find the skin. Why?

When I built and installed MPlayer, I simply extracted the tarball into /home/<me>/mplayer, ran configure and make from this directory and then removed the source code from this directory. Is there anything wrong with compiling apps this way, or should I have done it differently? What do most people do?


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