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matiasar 12-19-2011 05:48 PM

MPD to play audio CDs?
I'm building a headless audio box. Just CLI and a basic set of package to use it like audio media center. The idea is to play audio cds, mp3, ogg, and streaming radios using MPD and controling remotely using some MPD client like ario.

Everything works ok except... playing audio cds. I wonder if it's possible to play audio CDs with MPD? I tried this approach but it didn't work. gkvs-mount didn't mounted the volume.

I also tried cdfs but it wasn't very reliable.

Audios CDs plays ok if I use a program like cdcd. But I think it would be very cool to play them with MPD to control it remotely.
Any ideas or suggestions? Please, they are welcome!

matiasar 12-23-2011 07:16 AM

Well, doing some research and thanks to mpd official forum
I finally get MPD to play CD.

Development (git) MPD version is needed. And CDIO Paranoia lib also.

Then mpd can play Audio CDs. But the only disadventage is that CD is played like a single stream being impossible for now to jump from track to track.

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