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gbanko 05-29-2004 09:08 AM

Mozilla & Kmail - nested links don't work
I have a curiosity...

Just upgraded to Moz 1.6, and seem to be unable to jump to certain links
from my email (using Kmail 1.5.3) messages.

Example: I receive an email with a on link, web page comes up
in on link on that page, and get a message that the
"file...[insert file info] cannot be found"

Repeatable: any "secondary" link from page launched from Kmail link.

If I open the same page directly (i.e., not from the link in the email, but
from a fresh Mozilla browser), everything works fine.

I believe this started after I upgraded from Moz 1.4 to 1.6.

BTW: using MDK 9.2, all updates.

Any thoughts?


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