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eldiener 10-07-2012 01:25 PM

Moving root partition when using grub2
I have a Linux distro with separate /, /boot, and /home partitions, with grub2 installed in the /boot partition and a separate multi-boot partitioner manager in the MBR. This setup works correctly.

If in the particular Linux distro I move the root partition, of course keeping the same UUID for it, will grub2 still find my root partition and boot correctly ?

I know that under the old grub, if the menu.lst entry used a UUID to point to the root partition in the 'kernel' startup line, everything worked even when I moved my root partition.

Needless to say my fstab entries use UUIDs also to mount the correct partitions.

syg00 10-08-2012 03:32 AM

Yes, it should.

Grub2 can have problems when the partition where the core.img is imbedded is moved - not an issue in your case.

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