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PiscisBos 02-14-2005 12:40 AM

Moving Hard Drive After Install
I presently have a "working" installation of Mepis Linux 2004-4. This installation was made on a Pentium 1000 box. The situation I am in requires me to take the HDD out of this Pentium 1000 box and put it in a Pentium 150 box. This I have already done.

So the situation at present is:

Pentium 1000 box
Asus motherboard
Various hardware installed
Did have a HDD with Linux installed

Pentium 150 box
"Octek!" motherboard
Just graphics card and LAN card installed
LAN card taken from Pentium 1000 box after install
Hard drive taken from Pentium 1000 box after install

The change in hardware does not seem to have caused too many issues except that the LAN card is not working. The graphics card IS working though.

The LAN card is a 3Com 3c2000 card. This LAN card was present in the P1000 box when i did the install of Linux. Initially i assumed that the fault was in the change or IRQ's.

The error message i get from insmod when i try to modprobe the sk98lin driver is: "no such device" followed by a suggestion that IO or IRQ errors could be to blame.

The most curious aspect however is an lspci does not seem to recognise the LAN card. lspci output is as follows:

Host bride - Intel Triton VX
ISA bridge - Intel Triton II
IDE interface - Intel Triton II
VGA compatiable controller - s3 inc Trio

The s3 inc Trio is of course my graphics card. No mention of the LAN card. I know the LAN card works because it was working fine in the Pentium 1000 box prior to my moving the HDD.

rnturn 02-14-2005 01:05 AM

Well... not knowing too much about Mepis, let me ask you this:

Is there a master control panel application like RedHat's old Control Panel or SuSE's YaST?

If so, you should be able to delete the configuration for the old ethernet adapter and probe for the new one.

PiscisBos 02-14-2005 01:14 AM

Not to the best of my knowledge. It does have a "system centre" application but the network options for that are limited to bringing the device up and down, not really probing.

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