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Sammael 06-27-2006 07:40 PM

mouse problem in midnight commander

i recently upgraded my mc via YOU in suse and i have a problem: mc is just ignoring my mouse no matter how hard or fast do i click;) it just selects the text

first i thought it is a konsole config problem, but it's like that in every terminal app.

well, i do not really need it, only now and then, but it is a nuisance and i do strong believe in linux way of sorting things: there is a way to do it. (no more windows way of thinking-if it doesn't work, restart it, restart system, reinstall system and MAYBE it will work...for some time...)

anybody have an idea what might be the problem?


well, it might be a konsole problem, but i can't think of any other cli app that reads mouse input, so i can't test it...


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