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MagicLanternProductions 04-16-2009 12:52 PM

Mouse Curser Gone Wild !
My mouse curser goes wild, and opens and closed my Internet Tabs, forcing me to respond to a: Cancel command. This problem also is part of a larger problem that happens. The Fonts or written lines are sometimes Doubled up, overlapping, and or Blanked out by Brown or Blue, & Black filler lines ( Solid line ) The only way for me to get control of the mess is to press the: " Backspace Bar, " " Space Bar, " or " Esc ." Doing this will trigger a Close all Tabs warning. Sometimes the entire Page,
" Opened Tabs " vanishes, and I, have to restart the Internet all over again. The whole program runs so slow, the Internet takes a long time to respond. This is a NEW Linux " Open SUSE 11.1 Linux *NEWEST Version "
GNOME 2.22 Firefox 3.0 2.4 This is the 3rd. install I, have tried !
Also if I, hit the," Minimize Window " I will loose the entire page with all my Internet Tabbed information. I, will have to Re - Start the internet over again from Scratch.
My, " Right Button " Copy command works when it wants to, and the, " Paste button is the same way !"
I'm not a Linux Suse programmer, Is their a easy, " Cut & Paste Fix " out their ?
Any Suggestions ?????

ssaha 04-17-2009 09:57 AM

Does this happen in your linux only??
is your mouse ok??
check your mouse with another computer or another os..

MagicLanternProductions 04-18-2009 08:11 AM

Thank you, " ssaha " I will try another mouse to see if that cures the problem. The Mouse is a DELL. This problem started when I, upgraded to SUSE 11.1 Thank you. Magic... Cheers !

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