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edong23 08-22-2005 01:20 PM

mount hp quickplay partition
i would like to mount the hp quickplay partition on my laptop. it is a small linux partition that uses a 2.4 kernel and mplayer to turn the laptop into a dvd player. i want to mess with it though. i have the reinstall disk if i mess it up, but i would like to be able to get in there and maybe get the keymap info, and make it use a dri driver for less blurry video. but when i try to mount it, i have tried all the partition types that are native to linux, it just says bad superblock. do you know how i can find out what type of partition it is, so that i can mount it? cfdisk just says unknown (88). i have built a kernel with support for all kinds of filesystem types, and tried mounting it with them, but no go. i might be doing something wrong... could they be hiding the filesystem type from my kernel. can i force it to mount it, even readonly, even if the filesystem doesnt look right? has anyone messed witht htis before?

i2thasassin 11-05-2005 01:52 AM

Quickplay Partition info
If you dump the partition to an image using dd, then hexedit, you will see that the partition has grub installed. I have only tinkered at this stage. More info as soon as I have it.

Shatzy 11-07-2005 10:09 AM

Guys, I could use some help. I purchased a presentation model of HP DV1139, that comes without any software. At the moment I'm downloading source codes from HP's site But then I'm stuck. What do I do with this source code files? How do I install this? Does anyone have some instructions or pdf files that would help me? I'm a windows user, and I didn't have any serious experiences with linux, but I'm open minded and would like to learn to use it.



four_horsemen 11-23-2005 03:10 PM

question @ edong23:

i bought my hp dv1160ea three or four weeks ago. it was an auction at ebay. and when i received the notebook there was only one "MiniDOS"-cd-rom in the package. so i haven't got a quickplay restore cd. and when i first started the notebook i first created my partitions and formated all. there i also delete the MESA-partition on my hd. and when i now press the quickplay buttons while notebook is off, i get an error-message "Can't find the MESA-Partion". so i was looking at and everywhere else, to find a restore cd. but i haven't found anyone.

so there's my question at you: would you be so polite and give me an image of the quickplay-restore-cd? it would be very useful for me.

thanks, and excuse me for my bad english

Shatzy 11-24-2005 03:39 AM

I have uploaded image here:

>>> CLIK <<<

You can download it untill 1.12.2005, then it will be deleted from the server.

Have a nice day, and I hope you install it without problems!


the_mich 11-24-2005 08:30 AM

Hi! I've the same problem as four_horsemen.
I've download the image and burned it.
But when i try to install it tell me, that i've to less memory!
How shuld the partischen for Quick Play look like?

Thanks, Mich

Shatzy 11-24-2005 08:36 AM

To less memory?? I don't know what did you do, but this is the procedure I did on my notebook. When I got my HP, it had two partitions, but they were not correctly sized for my needs. I deleted all the partitions, and then created only one partition, that was 15 megs, and installed Win XP on this partition. I left 45 megs of unformated space. After I installed win XP, I put the Quickplay CD into the drive and reboot the computer. Quickplay software installed without problems. After installing the software and rebooting to windows, I installed paragon partition manager and created partition out of the remaining unformated space on my hard drive.

It is crucial, that the Quickplay is installed after the first partition, and that you install it on unformated disk.

I hope you'll find a way to solve your problem.

geovany13 11-25-2005 11:58 AM

Hello, I need help. how I make to reinstall the QuickPlay, because I gave format to the hard disk and I erased the partition and I don't know how to create it and I don't understand what says in the previous answers. I have the Cd of installation of the Quickplay, but not you how to make the partitions.Apologize for English but I had to go this by a translator. If they can respond me in Spanish I thank it to him, but it doesn't care, I will try him to translate. Thank you for their help.

Shatzy 11-26-2005 12:55 AM

1. Delete all partitions.
2. If you need 2 partitions (windows on first, music and movies on second), you must create only one (you choose the size of the partition). You can create the partition before installing Windows (if you use them)
3. After installing windows, install Quickplay from CD
4. Reboot and go to windows, and create a partition with any partition managment program (I used Paragon partition manager)

If you don't understand that, I can't help you.

geovany13 12-11-2005 10:34 AM

Help Please
Hello, I have not been able to install the QuickPlay, I made the following thing: I fused the two existent partitions, and I left one of 59,780 GB and another of 220MB. Reboot and I inserted the disk of QuickPlay, but when it arrives to 2% it shows the following error: "has stopped the installation due to a you ID of incorrect system or I space in insufficient disk. Check their system and attempt it again." I am not sure, that partition type should use for the quickplay, because in the options of the software for partition (PartitionMagic) they are: without format, ntfs, fat, linux ext2, linux ext3, linux swap, and if it should be logical or primary y he intentado, sin formato y ntfs, pero no funciona.. I thank their help.

Shatzy 12-11-2005 01:48 PM

Delete the 220 MB partition - HP QuickPlay requires unpartitioned space, then install HP QPlay.

edong23 12-11-2005 10:47 PM

this is way off from my post, but i dont care as long as the moderators dont. either way, you are being told right, for the most part. some have said that quickplay has to be the second partition, it is the 4th on mine and works great, but i have heard that it has to be on the second. just some of my magic i guess. i dont know. but they are absolutely right about the free space. it has to be about 210 or alittle less, but for safe 210MB, of freespace cause if you create a partition, quickplay things there is no room for it, cause it creates the partition, if that is what it is. i believe it is just text actually. i havent messed with it much. i am realy pissed at HP cuase of the wireless card issue with all thier new laptops, including mine.. so i am looking to just sell the damn thing, and never buy HP again. as for dd the partition to an image, i tried, and got nothing. like it didnt see it. i cant dd a special device. and it must be mounted to be seen by linux, so i cant dd it. i think it is a partition acording to the boot record, but is a text file or soemting. i was looking at some of the code. i think it might just be some c code, or less just some configs.... dont really care anymore, i would actually rather install GeeXbox to that partitino, and make it work with the same buttons, but whatever.

ecstatic 01-14-2006 02:05 PM

I need the QuickPlay cd image....
Guys for over 1 week i am looking for the quick play cd or image i saw that it was once here...Could somebody please please upload it again...Because i have a hp 4289ea laptop and it should have come with the package but it did not.So i need it...Please?

ecstatic 01-16-2006 11:39 AM

Come on guys i need help with this..No one has this hp quickplay software?I can not find it anywhere..Hp does not give it because they dont bundle this software with my computer to my country although the device is %100 compatible.The same device and model has it in United States.Could someone please upload the cd image to or rapidshare..???Please?It is soo much important for me...

Shatzy 12-13-2006 03:56 PM

OK, since I've recieved numerous requests via email for quickplay software, I uploaded it on a server, her is the link:


Send me an email if the link gets broken, but don't email me asking me how to install quickplay, because it's all explained a few posts above.

Good luck!


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