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KasMage 07-25-2008 12:40 PM

mksquashfs Freezes on Ubuntu 8.04
Hello, all!

I'm creating a live CD for distribution here at work. Thus far, I have used remastersys and then done some simple modifications afterwords and used mkisofs to recreate the ISO with the modifications. Now, however, I need to modify the filesystem.squashfs file that is on the ISO so that I can add in a specific xorg.conf file. Remastersys uses a basic one regardless of your setup so that the live CD will work on just about any machine. I have already mounted the existing filesystem.squashfs file, copied its contents to a writable location, and made the changes. Now I just need to use mksquashfs to recreate the filesystem.squashfs file. However, it keeps freezing at 2% (809/35951). What would cause this? I know that the command can work, because it is obviously called by remastersys when the original filesystem.squashfs file is created. Does anybody know what arguments are specified for mksquashfs by remastersys? Or does anyone know what might cause this problem so that I can finally finish up this thing?

Thank you much.

KasMage 07-25-2008 01:29 PM

It appears that the -no-duplicates option has solved my problem. I apologize for jumping to posting topics. I need to use Google a little more often. <.<

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