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billkris 03-03-2003 02:36 PM

Missing icons in KDE
I am running the latest redhat beta and have encountered the following problem. I will note here that I know running a beta version of a os will likely have its problems. Never-the-less, if anyone has any ideas regarding my problem I would appreciate the feedback.

I have lost most of the icons on the icon bar in konqueror and other kde apps. The only icons that appear are the back and forward arrows. I have tried launching konqueror from the home icon and from the command line with the same affect. The icon bar is there but blank. By this I mean when I hover the mouse pointer, help pops up and I can click on it -- the blank buttons function normally -- just no artwork.

One curiosity though... If I doubleclick on my CDROM icon which of course mounts the CD and displays a konqueror window all the icons are there.

It seems like it may be a path problem but I do not know where the icons are stored to update my path.

Any help appreciated.

gonus 03-03-2003 03:00 PM

You know where they usually appear? On the right side thier is usually a little button that you can double cliclk and they will pop back up.

billkris 03-03-2003 03:28 PM

At first I did not have the icon you refer to. So... I went into settings|configure toolbars and resaved the toolbar. All the icons including the one you refer to appeared. I saved the view and re-launched konqueror.

Again only one of the arrow buttons and nothing other than place holders.

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