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akhill44 04-12-2011 08:20 AM

MiniDLNA plus VLC to XBox 360 or DirecTV On-The-Fly
My end goal for this project is to display a live internet stream through my PC on my TV by way of some DLNA client. I am currently using MiniDLNA (set up and working) as my server and I have a DirecTV receiver and an XBox 360 as options for the client. So far, I can view static videos on the client (something that is in the proper video format for the client to read), but I am having issues getting a live stream to work. My end goal for all of this is to watch MLB on my TV without having to plug a PC into my TV.

For those not familiar, there is a python project (mlbviewer) that will find the stream for me through my account and stream that to VLC. I can then use VLC to transcode that to something that the DLNA client can read. I'm very new to DLNA and streaming video, so I'm not entirely certain what I need to do here, but I've read that the answer for the XBox is an ASX file that points to the stream. Currently, I cannot see the ASX file on the XBox (or DTV receiver) though I can see the other video files in the folder - which I think may be a MiniDLNA problem.

Other thoughts: I have tried uShare and MediaTomb, and so far I prefer MiniDLNA (if it works) for its light weight and command line configuration.

pwalden 04-22-2011 08:04 PM

As ypu probably know, minidlna does not have the feature that you are looking for. However, you can request new features and enhancements here.

As minidlna has a very small number of developers, if you are into C programming, you may want to try it yourself.

There is already a patch for minidlna that will transcode most files to DVD format for some picky (i.e. Sony) clients. Perhaps that patch can be leveraged to transcode a stream. The file scanner could be modified to pick up streams from and put them in the dlna database. The transcoder (ffmpeg or mencoder) would then make a direct stream connection. You could likely bypass mlbviewer and vlc altogether.

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