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jdebs 07-25-2012 08:38 AM

mimms problems on QNAP with (armv5tel)
I have QNAP NAS server TS-219P II with following Linux version on it:

# uname -a
Linux NAS #1 Sat Nov 26 04:24:41 CST 2011 armv5tel unknown

Lately I tried to dump such wma stream to the file:

<asx version = "3.0">
    <ref href = "mms://">
    <ref href = "rtsp://">
    <ref href = "">
  <Author>Polskie Radio SA</Author>
  <Copyright>Polskie Radio SA</Copyright>
  <Author>Polskie Radio SA</Author>
  <Copyright>Polskie Radio SA</Copyright>
  <LogURL href = ""/>

and receive such problem:


[/] # mimms -o /share/MD0_DATA/Public/mms.wav mms://
host : ><
port : >1755<
path : >program3<
file : >/share/MD0_DATA/Public/mms.wav<
time : >-1<
creating output file '/share/MD0_DATA/Public/mms.wav'
port: 0000db06
request: Connection refused

With other mms streams (BBC example: mms:// works mimms without problem and captures my favorite radio station. Does someone know where the probliem could be?

I tried several linux programs to capture this string. I was success with mplayer, but IMHO just for dumping stream I do not need such big environemnt. Thus looking solution with mimms. Streamripper does not support wma streams :(

I would appriciate any feedback or alternative solution for dumping this stream to the file.


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