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nirav.jani 07-11-2006 02:55 AM

microsoft exchange server setting on rh-9
I would like to use any email client for getting/sending mails on my redhat -9 machine using microsoft exchange server - as my mail server.

How to set this up ? Using which client ?

Tried to use ximian evolution/thunderbird but in vain, there is no option like microsoft exchange server name or something similar, or the case I may be wrong somewhere.

Please show me the proper way to do this.

Thanx in advance,

cdhgee 07-11-2006 03:31 AM

You won't get full exchange functionality from a Linux client unless you run Outlook under Wine. About the closest you will get is to use Thunderbird (or an equivalent mail client) to access Exchange through the IMAP protocol, and also set Thunderbird up to query the Exchange GAL through LDAP. However all this will only give you access to the e-mail portion, although it won't give you things like Out-of-office assistant and Exchange mail filtering (though you can mimic this last one with Thunderbird's own e-mail filters).

I haven't seen anything for Linux that can do Exchange calendar/contacts/notes/journal etc.

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