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jon_k 05-14-2004 06:39 PM

Menu instead of shell for a specific user in ssh?
I remember a long time ago someone gave me access to restart his chat server (Wasn't irc)

I telnetted in

it gave me a menu like:

Press the appropriate key:
1 - shutdown server
2 - start server
3 - restart server
4 - clear props file
5 - restore pat file

Now later on I ended up creating a chat server myself -- it definately didn't come with such stuff to do that (create a customized limited crappy shell)

I'm now interested in such, in where, a user can get a menu and select an option -- when the option is selected it will execute the corresponding BASH script, program, or whatever.

How could I customize a telnet session to do this and show such a menu when they log in rather than a shell prompt?


jschiwal 05-14-2004 07:04 PM

Read the info file for bash. There is a command called select which presents a menu of options for the user to select.

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