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linuxnwb 06-20-2006 10:39 AM

Menu entries (kde/gnome/xfce)

I once had firefox installed through an rpm. That automatically added a menu entry in kde, gnome and xfce. Since that old firefox version didn't allow automatic updates I erased it and downloaded the updated binaries. But this time it was just a tar.gz so I simply extracted it to /opt. Of course that doesn't create menu entries.

How do I add menu entries to all desktop environments? Do I have to do this for every single environment or is there a central config file for this? I remember Skype also managed to add a menu entry to all desktop environments. How do I do this?



PS: What is the correct/default path to extract firefox (I'm using fc3)?

b0uncer 06-20-2006 10:59 AM

There is no "default" path for Firefox, if you mean the binary version. You can put it anywhere you like, as long as you have sufficient permissions there.

I think the only way to do the menu entries "centrally" is create the menu entry files and copy them to the correct locations at once. Take a look at google and search for "kubuntu to ubuntu clean menu", there's a guide that helps people keep their KDE-apps off Gnome menus and vice versa when having both KDE and Gnome in Ubuntu; it should give you a clue on how the menu entries are built (if you look carefully), and that way you'll know what to do ;)

linuxnwb 06-20-2006 11:07 AM

I see. There is supposed to be a file firefox.desktop to be put in /usr/share/applications. This wasn't included in the tar.gz.

These questions remain
- Do people normally create their own .desktop file?
- What is the default directory to extract the firefox EDIT: Okay there isn't such a thing but I see on one website /usr/local/firefox/firefox.

Everyone has Firefox right? But why is the installation so complicated (people actually have to untar, copy to right directory and create firefox.desktop file put it under /usr/share/applications; find the icon file and put it in /usr/share/pixmaps)? How is a regular user supposed to find this out, there are no instructions on

craig467 07-13-2006 01:32 PM

I agree linuxnwb, I just downloaded the Firefox Tar.gz file too and there were not to many instructions. I did find this - and it seems to explain how to create menu items in KDE but not really for gnome.

I really would love to know if someone could suggest how to creat the menu item in gnome and if possible in such a way that Firefox would be available to every user without having to set them up. The only thing I found was close was and it did not really work for me. It says that you can right-click on the menu to add/remove items, but it did not work for me.

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