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shallowz 04-18-2006 02:28 PM

mediawiki setup on fedora core 5 (noob here)
Let me start off with some history.
Iím an IT guy, I have only used windows and decided to try out Linux fedora core 5 finally.

Installing fedora was simple and straight forward. But in the add and remove section I have noticed that I can set up a wiki page.
Now being a noob I thought by clicking the add that the program would run.
But with Linux I am learning this is not the case
I have been searching and googling a step by step process I need to do to be able to run the wiki off fedora core 5 but I canít find anything.
Please any one that can help me with a guide to running mediawiki with the default install on fedora core 5 I would be forever in your debt.
I have been searching for days and getting very frustrated with Linux. Being a windows guy isnít helping I bet.
Please any help would be great.

After using the add and remove area to install mediawiki where do I go to configure or even finish the setup?

shallowz 04-19-2006 07:41 AM

any help with this would great
or point me to a web page that would help
the mediawiki or fedora web sites have no information at all

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