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berrance 01-02-2005 07:41 AM

media streaming

i am setting up a media server in my home i am copieng all DVDs to it and music so anybody in my home can access any music and dvds through the computers which will all plug into TVs but what i want to know is can i put a TV card in the media server and stream it to other PCs in the home? and if so will more than one person be able to access it at the same time and will they be able to access difrent channels at the same time?

if i can do this can anybody suggest what would be a good TV card to use and what software/Distro would be a good choise to do this with.

i think i have explained what i am trying to do but if i havent you can either shoot me or ask! shooting me is probably the better option! lol

thanks for any advice on this


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