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jjfotso 09-02-2016 04:43 AM

Mean Opinion Score tool of Evalvid, How to plot
I am using evalvid 2.7 and ubuntu 14.04(64bit) and i am trying to plot the mean opinion score.

I used these commands to calculate 2 Peak Signal to Noise Ratio(psnr)whose values are stored in text files.

./psnr 352 288 420 foreman_cif.yuv foreman_ref.yuv > psnr1.txt

./psnr 352 288 420 foreman_cif.yuv foremanOUT.yuv > psnr2.txt
Afterwards, i have put those 2 files in a directory named "Work" as specified in the way of using the command.
Next, i entered this command to calculate the Mean Opinion Score(MOS)

./mos Work psnr1.txt 25 > mos.txt
That result of that command was 4 files named: miv1.txt, miv2.txt, qual.txt located in the Word directory, And mos.txt in the current directory.

The miv1.txt, miv2.txt and qual.txt contain calculated values on 2 columns for about 300 lines(number of frames). And the mos.txt file contain this:

psnr1.txt 0.00 0.00 97.00 2.67 0.33 3.03

psnr2.txt 42.26 26.78 27.20 3.35 0.42 1.93

I would like to know what should i do to plot the MOS using those 4 files.
It will be very helpful for me. Thanks !!!

dab1414 09-02-2016 08:53 AM

I am not familiar with this program, but following evalid website you might have missed a couple steps. However, look at this page, and the link at the bottom brings up a pdf that explains a lot. There are tables and graphs there that should be able to direct you on how it should look if you were to use a spreadsheet or plotting program.

Hope this helps some.

jjfotso 09-05-2016 06:27 AM

Thanks @dab1414 for your reply.
I followed your link and i read the pdf. But it didn't really help me. However, i found a tool call Tracegraph which can plot graphs of jitter, end2end delay, throughput and bandwidth. I am studying the tool to know how to plot the Mean Opinion score.

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