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sdowney717 09-09-2016 07:41 AM

Me-TV was working till it crashed on new channel scan, I can not reset!
Seriously, I can not make it function anymore.
It had some old channel configuration.
So I scanned, select add channels.
They scanned, then it was stuck.
A dialog box was underneath the other immovable window.
I was able to drag the dialog window to a new workspace and say ok, override the prior channel config.
Then it crashed hard.

So I restarted, and only video , no audio and no channels in the list only black where list menu should be.

So I try to purge, I try with terminal and synaptic.
I delete the .me-tv folder
It always on reinstalls comes up with only entire black screen now. When I select channels from top menu, they show in a list. I can not start over.

How do I wipe me-tv to a blank uninstalled state to completely start fresh?

sdowney717 09-09-2016 07:59 AM

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screenshots for more visual aide.
I rescanned again.
The dialog window ME-TV channels editor is stuck immovable
Underneath it is another dialog box that pops up after the scan. It can NOT be brought to the top.

All I can do is force close ME-TV using xkill.

sdowney717 09-09-2016 09:06 AM

you know this is a programming bug.
I use gnome desktop.

People who program do not test properly their code.
I have created windows programs in th past, and sometime it works fine for your configuration, and fails badly for someone else.
This one though popping up a dialog window underneath one stuck on top is a amateurish error IMO!
Perhaps errors pop up like this and people just give up on a program.
I found out if I run the config setup in ubuntu's standard desktop, it works.
In gnome desktop, it does not work as they designed it.

Another issue half the channels are missing when scanned with me-tv.
Kaffeine scans a full set of channels.
I did install kaffeine, and got it to work. I also think it has a terrible UI regarding recordings and playback.

I was able to finally run a w_scan, and I imported channels.conf into me-tv and got all the channels.

Also me-tv can not properly use 2 ATSC tuners to watch and record separate channels, it will go dark and crash. That is poor.
Kaffeine can record multiple channels and watch another at the same time. Except the UI is not great.

jefro 09-09-2016 04:44 PM

I think I'll try loading this on a flash drive install to see what gives.

You now have a chance to fix it. " Me-TV project currently needs new maintainer"

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