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baslemmens 09-29-2004 02:35 PM

md: kicking non-fresh hde2 from array!
Hello there,

I've set up a software RAID5 on my new Core 2 installation. Working allright (at least it does now..) Can anybody tell me what this means while booting (actually do I need to worry I mean):
raid5: measuring checksumming speed
8regs : 1168.000 MB/sec
8regs_prefetch: 1156.000 MB/sec
32regs : 696.000 MB/sec
32regs_prefetch: 692.000 MB/sec
pIII_sse : 2180.000 MB/sec
pII_mmx : 2028.000 MB/sec
p5_mmx : 1964.000 MB/sec
raid5: using function: pIII_sse (2180.000 MB/sec)
md: raid5 personality registered as nr 4
md: Autodetecting RAID arrays.
md: autorun ...
md: considering hdb1 ...
md: adding hdb1 ...
md: adding hdd1 ...
md: adding hde2 ...
md: created md0
md: bind<hde2>
md: bind<hdd1>
md: bind<hdb1>
md: running: <hdb1><hdd1><hde2>
md: kicking non-fresh hde2 from array!
md: unbind<hde2>
md: export_rdev(hde2)
raid5: device hdb1 operational as raid disk 0
raid5: device hdd1 operational as raid disk 1
raid5: allocated 3152kB for md0
raid5: raid level 5 set md0 active with 2 out of 3 devices, algorithm 0
RAID5 conf printout:
--- rd:3 wd:2 fd:1
disk 0, o:1, dev:hdb1
disk 1, o:1, dev:hdd1
md: ... autorun DONE.
kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds

I've been googling like mad but no where I could find what md: kicking non-fresh hde2 from array! meant.

Please help, you will make me happy!!


mritch 09-29-2004 05:03 PM

trouble. (maybe not:-) can you tell more 'bout your hardware?

iirc this can happen if your powersupply has not enough power or if there's no mem available.

have a closer look into your logs for broken things (harddisk) before this:
mdadm --force --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/hdb1 /dev/hdd1 /dev/hde2
maybe will fix that. read the manpage! you'll have to do a fsck afterwards and maybe will find something in your lost&found.

sl mritch

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