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gSalsero 03-29-2005 04:05 PM

mcrypt libmcrypt
I am trying to use PyMusique on my Fedora 3 box. My last piece of the puzzle to figure out is installing libmcrypt and mcrypt. I downloaded both of the from this SourceForge page. I ran the following commands on both:

make install

mcrypt was installed under /usr/local/bin and libmcrypt was installed under /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib

when I attempt to run pymusique, it says "mcrypt module not available" and exists. when i run the command "type mcrypt" it finds it where it was intalled. The permissions are set as follows -rwxr-xr-x with root being the user.

Any suggestions?


gSalsero 03-31-2005 01:18 AM

I figured it out, I had forgotten to install python-mcrypt. Now pymusique actually starts up.

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