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Karen 03-02-2002 03:04 AM

Mandrake Standard 8.1
Hi I am very new to Linux. I have a gateway select system with 40Gb and 256MB Ram. I partition my disk using Partition magic because I would like to run Windows Me and Linux. The problem is Linux seems to be installing fine until it gets to the installing boot loader. I am given two choices but it doesn't matter which one I choose I get the messages /TMP/IMM.O: INIT _ MODULE no such device, /TMP/PPA.O: INIT _ MODULE: no such device. I cannot leave this screen and the only way out is for me to turn the power off. I tried installing Linux as the only OS but I get the same message. I don't know what device it is looking for. I unplug all external devices. It seem like I cannot get any support from Mandrake without paying. At this point I don't want to spend $60 a year to join something, when I already spent $40 because I wanted to try the product. Could someone please help me. I purchase this product six days ago and I am still trying to install it. Thank You

gnu2linux 03-02-2002 05:09 PM


I'm certainly not qualified to help you with the error message your getting. But I was wondering how you set up your partitions under Partition Magic? Is there a reason you didn't let Linux create your partitions? Also do you already have WinMe on the HD, or were you going to load it later? Its best to have Windoze loaded first and then do the Linux install from what I've read.

Tom :)

therion12 03-02-2002 05:28 PM

i ALWAYS had problems with partition magic. I recommend you use Mandrakes installation to partition your hard disk.

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