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Emzer 10-22-2004 06:10 AM

Managing FTP trough Website
First of all I would like to tell you all that I really dont have any clue at all what forum / cathegory I would go with this issue, as I think it should be both in the scripting and software cathegory, so excuse me if im lost on that point. And Im pretty much a gigantic linux newbie... As well as the only script languages i really know is HTML and Java Script, but Im not afraid to learn, thats one of the reasons i wanna do this at all. Enough of that, over to the question:

What I want, is to put up a webserver and an FTP server on my Fedora Linux machine. And what I want to do is this; I want people that are allowed access to my FTP and Website to be able to choose from files in a database and then add them to a cathegory which the FTP shares. What Im saying is that I want this person to have a list based on all files in some of the harddrives specified by me, and then be able to move choosen files to a folder which is being shared by the FTP, and then being able to remove files from the folder being shared by the FTP. I dont really want the person to see the folders. I just want them to get a list of all items (and be able to search) the items on the harddrives that i have specified and then clicking the "Add" button will make that files shared by my FTP server. And to not get my FTP share folder filled, I want it to be a "remove" button which will remove a picked file from the FTP server.

The files that the FTP server will share would I like to be on a another computer, connected trough my LAN, but running windows XP with NTFS format HDs, is that possible at all?

I also want to do something similar, but this time I want to be able to manage a streaming audio server running on my linux (if there excist any), and being able to choose what song (of a list of songs i shared or something) and then the choosen file should be played by the streaming server. All this should be managed trough a website, is this possible?

Might be a little bit messy, the question i mean, but im not very well in explaining stuff. I wonder what scripting languages and stuff do I need to be able to do this? What programs? What do I need? Plz tell me everything u can. I have no clue what so ever, but I hope it is possible, and I seen some stuff that is a little similar.

Tell me if you need more explanation or info.

Thx in advance :D

Samsara 10-22-2004 06:41 PM

Talk to:

They have a web content management system that does something similar.

I don't know how much they charge for a license, or what their exact license agreement is, but it's in use on one of the sites I administrate, and it's really good fun to use.



Edit: PS: You can say that Philipp pointed you there. Might get you a brownie point ;)

Emzer 10-23-2004 02:28 PM

Thanks for the suggestion!

The only catch is that Im not prepared to pay anything for this since im not going to use it for commercial use or anything, the only reason I do this is for me to learn new things, new scripting languages, linux and for my own private use. And because I want to learn how to do it, I dont want to pay for someone elses job.

Suppose they dont want to answer questions about their system?
They probably dont have time with linux and programming newbies...

Anyway, except the learning catch, its a very good idea, thanks alot! :D

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