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BionicJoe 02-10-2005 10:35 PM

Managing a Website - Uploading Files
I've a got a Debian box with Apache, PHP, FTP, and few other things all fired up and working. However I don't know the best way to go about uploading files to it conveniently.

It takes a lot of steps to upload to a home dir, then move to /var/www/, then chown, and then chmod.

I've also went the route of chroot-ing a user to var/www, but I still have to either chown and/or chmod them. Plus I want to maintain some security so I don't like having my www dir world writable.

What's the best method of uploading files to my webserver, and what is the best way to maintain basic file permision security?

]SK[ 02-11-2005 02:37 AM

Looks like were wanting the same answer

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