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coolamit78 04-04-2004 07:19 AM

making an exact cd copy

I want to backup my 3 redhat cds...I am thinking of using K3B to duplicate the CDs, however before I go on to do that, I have couple of questions in mind -

1) Does the 'Copy CD -> Normal Copy' option in K3B, produce an exact duplicate of the original one? or does it just copy data from one cd to another? Obviously, this will be important when I want to duplicate Red Hat Linux 9 CD-1, which is bootable. So, if I use the "Normal Copy" under 'Copy CD' , will I get a bootable CD ? Also, there is another option - "Clone Copy", but that option does not work in K3B. Error message I get is -

"CD Record 2.0 does not have cloning support "

2) If the "Normal Copy" option dosent produce a bootable CD, which are the other apps that I can use to duplicate my Red Hat CDs ?

Thanx and Regards,


jschiwal 04-04-2004 10:07 AM

In K3B, go to Tools -> CD -> Copy CD

In the dialog, click on Clone Copy. This will work for any single session cd. I believe even the regular copy would work for data cds.

coolamit78 04-04-2004 02:03 PM

That is what I have exactly mentioned in my first post itself, that K3B gives an error when I try to duplicate CD with 'Clone CD' option.

"CD Record 2.0 does not have cloning support "

I want to know if there is any other free GUI app that can duplicate a CD ( coz, Red Hat CD 1 is bootable, and that is what I want, that the duplicated CD also is bootable)



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