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Leseguenni 11-21-2009 11:37 AM

Making a cli-twitter client local mail
I installed "twidge" a small twitter client. In the manual was described how you can send yourself your tweets per mail. So I tried that.
I got an error message that the file or directory didn't exist. I figured out, that I had to install an mta so this could work at all. So I installed postfix.
Since the default value for sending mail was /usr/sbin/sendmail. I tried that. Unfortunately I got messages to "postmaster" that the mails couldn't be delivered since /user/sbin/sendmail@my-computer didn't exist. Like I said sending it to username@localhost brought anerror message: "no such file or directory"
So how can I get him to understand?
/usr/sbin/sendmail is a program file. So I don't think it can be edited.

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